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We recognise that success beyond school depends on more than just academics. With a combination of live lessons, one-to-one tutorials and collaborative projects, as a Pamoja student you will have opportunities to develop personal and social skills as you prepare to transition into early adulthood.

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Academic Overview

Global Classroom

Global Classroom

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University Ready

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Access & Affordability

Welcome to Pamoja Global Online Learning

For the past 10 years, Pamoja has worked with schools around the world to give students like you the head start you need to achieve your goals. 


Pamoja Online Courses give you the chance to study subjects that your school doesn’t offer by taking them online. Learning online is a great opportunity to study a subject you’re passionate about, all while enhancing your essential skills. You’ll gain practical experience of collaborative tools and digital technologies that promote self-direction, critical thinking and creativity; skills that are highly desired by universities and employers around the world.

With Pamoja Online Courses you can learn at your own pace and on your own terms. Explore your subject of choice with an innovative curriculum designed for the modern Global IB student. 

Self Paced


With the ability to go ‘fast or slow’ through the course materials.



As a Night or Day student you can access Pamoja Online Courses when it’s convenient for you.

Any place

Any Place

Whether it’s from home or school, you can work on your Pamoja Online Courses from any location.

Pamoja is dedicated to broadening learning opportunities for students around the world.

Join our global learning community today!


Academic Overview

Our courses

We provide a broad selection of courses across the IB Diploma, open to students who attend an IB World School. Our Online Courses cover the same course content and prepare you for the same assessments as traditional face-to-face courses. Feel free to browse our online courses below.

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Key Student Benefits

Pursuing a Passion 1

Pursuing a Passion

With a wide range of subject choice options, you can choose Pamoja Online Courses for the subjects you are most passionate and interested in without limits, the way it should be.

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Personalised Learning, Anytime & Anywhere

You can learn at your own pace and on your own terms. With an innovative curriculum, each subject of choice is designed for the modern global student.

Learning without Borders

Learning without Borders

As a Pamoja student, you will join a community of over 4,700 IB Diploma students in 107 countries, building essential collaboration skills and learning to work online across time-zones & cultures.


Accessible & Affordable

You can enrol through your school’s IB Coordinator, or apply to become an IB student through one of our Partner Schools.

Global Classroom

Global Classroom

Prepare for the new COVID-19 world

Pamoja’s Global Classroom has the world’s most diverse student body representing over 140 nationalities in 107 countries.

As an IB student entering the new COVID-19 world, Pamoja Online Courses are designed unlike any other course to build essential online communication & collaboration skills with your global student peers. Rise & challenge the new world.

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Through each Pamoja Online Course, you will hone and develop your Approaches to Learning across:

Self management

Self-management and organisation

Learn to manage your time and tasks effectively, set your own goals and engage successfully in a flexible remote learning environment.


Resilience and self-motivation

Put an end to procrastination and develop your drive to succeed by engaging productively with challenging, inspiring learning activities.


Thinking and research skills

Delve deeper into your interests and passions using our inquiry-based approach that allows you to determine your own learning pathway.


Communication and social skills

Join our global community of learners to experience the benefits of collaborative learning, with opportunities to develop your listening, negotiation, problem solving and decision making skills and more!



Work collaboratively with your teachers to reflect and build on your learning experiences, using their feedback to highlight your strengths and zone in on target areas for development.

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University Ready

Stand out from the crowd

Research shows that online learning prior to university help students develop preferences and competencies relevant to university study.

Pamoja students gain experience in a range of online learning tools that they will be using as a part of their university learning, and become independent learners.

Once at university, Pamoja students are less likely than other students to:

  • Rely on print resources and more likely to research online
  • Need to turn to their university instructors for help

*UCL Institute of Education, 2014

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59.4% of Pamoja Online Course students achieved a grade 5 in their IB Diploma examinations between 2014 and 2019.


Pamoja Online Course students have recorded an average grade of 4.78 compared to an IB global average grade of 4.7 over the past six years of IB Diploma examinations. 

My school at the time did not offer Mathematics HL, there were very few students interested in taking it and very few teachers able to teach at that level in English. So being able to study online with Pamoja enabled me to get an education that I wouldn’t have had access to, and because of Pamoja I was able to study Engineering at Cambridge. Maria, Pamoja Student, University of Cambridge graduate, now working as a Mechanical Engineer


24-hour support network to guide you towards your full potential.

Subject Choice

Subject Catalogue

Pursue your Passion & Interest

With over 20+ IB Diploma subjects to choose from, as an IB Global Online student you can pick the subjects that you are most passionate about, browse our online course catalogue to discover your subject of interest:

extended essay

Extended Essay

theory knowledge

Theory of Knowledge

language literature sl

English A Language and Literature HL

pschology sl

Psychology SL

french ab initio

French ab initio


Mandarin ab initio


Spanish ab initio


Film SL

business management

Business Management HL

economics sl

Economics SL


Philosophy SL


Access & Affordability

Supporting the IB’s Access goals, we are committed to ensuring that Pamoja Online Courses are affordable to all students, regardless of socio-economic background.

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