An Introduction to Pamoja

You have questions, we have answers.


Who are we?

For over 10 years, Pamoja has provided schools, teachers and students around the world with progressive, flexible solutions that support the implementation of blended learning methodologies.


What is our relationship with the IB?

We are the sole online IB Diploma programme course provider approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization.


What accreditation do we have?

We are accredited by the Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) as a Supplementary Education Programmme.


What are Pamoja Online Courses?

Pamoja Online Courses (previously known as Pamoja Taught) gives students the opportunity to study subjects that their school does not offer by taking the subject online. These online courses are taught by our experienced teachers trained in digital learning methodologies. They are a solution to support schools’ digital strategies and ease teacher recruitment challenges. We offer a broad choice of subjects across the IB Diploma supporting personalised learning through our global classroom.


What is the Pamoja Lesson Suite?

Pamoja Lesson Suite (previously known as School Taught) provides teachers with ready-made lesson plans, assessment materials and student activity monitoring tools, all fully integrated with Faria’s Learning and Teaching Services.


As a parent, how can I sign my child up for an IB Diploma course with Pamoja Online Courses?

You will find a full list of Pamoja Online Courses in the school’s local course catalogue. Choose and apply to your child’s chosen Pamoja course with our one-click registration. Our Academic Team will process your child’s application and manage the admission process. They will be available to help with any queries you may have.

Information for Schools

As a school, how do I register my students for an IB course with Pamoja Online Courses?

Pamoja Online courses are available for one-click registration via your IB Diploma Plan Worksheets on ManageBac. The registration process will then be managed by your IB DP and Site-Based Coordinator. Automatic validation of the course happens with more than 3 HL subjects and there is a seamless process to completion to exam registration.


Is it possible to register a student for Year 1 or Year 2 only?

Yes, students are registered on an annual basis. It is possible to register a student for Year 1 and then they can continue Year 2 in person at their school. It is also possible to register a student for Year 2 of a course after they have completed Year 1 elsewhere. Please note that a transfer fee may apply when registering a student for Year 2 only. Please follow the normal registration processes outlined in the answers above.


How do teachers access the Pamoja Lesson Suite for IB courses?

The Pamoja Lesson Suite is included as part of the ManageBac subscription and clearly signed links are positioned throughout ManageBac.


How do you ensure safeguarding with live lessons during the Pamoja Online Courses?

Here at Pamoja Education, we take the safety of all our customers very seriously, and in order to provide the best online protection for your personal data, we have introduced password protection and encryption at both ends of the Live Lesson process. When you are invited to a Live Lesson, you will need to enter through our secure platform, thus providing the first level of security, then you will need to enter the password for the Live Lesson, this providing the second level of protection. During the whole process of the Live Lesson the Teacher is also monitoring for unauthorised access, and in the case of an incident will immediately lock the user out or in the case of a serious breach, close the Lesson for the safety of all users.


What are the essential technical requirements for students and teachers?

Students and teachers must have regular internet access at school and preferably at home in order to take Pamoja’s online courses. Our Learning Management System (LMS) supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. To access our courses without any restrictions please whitelist * on your school’s network. 

What is the Operating System?

The operating system is Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 Mac OS X with MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later Chrome OS (latest stable version recommended). 

What are the minimum display requirements?

A minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 is required, but higher is recommended.

For full details of technical requirements, please click here.


What is School Pay?

School Pay is a consolidated invoice for all Pamoja Online Course registrations which have been organised by the school. 


What invoice and payment options do we offer?

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer, cheque, WeChat Pay, and Ali Pay. We can invoice in US Dollars, Pound Stirling, Euros, Swiss Franc, and Chinese Yuan.