Teachers are fundamental. They inspire the next generation, working hard to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become creative innovators essential to global progress. Today is World Teachers’ Day, a worldwide celebration of educators, and we can think of no better time to say a planet-sized THANK YOU!

To mark the occasion, we sat down with two of our Heads of Course Delivery; the people at the helm of our global teaching network, and asked them a couple of questions:

“What’s your favourite thing about teaching?”

“My favourite thing about teaching was listening to the strange, bizarre, and interesting things that students would say about literature – I could never quite predict their reactions! Listening to their conspiracy theories, anecdotes, and their realisations that a character has done what they’ve just done. Sometimes you would expect it but often not, and that unpredictability was definitely the best bit about teaching.” – Hannah Senel-Walp


“What will the classroom of the future look like?”

“I think the classroom of the future is going to have no walls and no boundaries – it’s going to be completely different to where we are today. This is what we do at Pamoja; we break down these walls and boundaries so that you can learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You could be sitting on a beach in Florida soaking up the sun and studying, or you could be in a classroom in the middle of Oxford. It doesn’t matter, because it’s about having access to quality teaching and collaboration; working together on a global scale and really learning from each other.” – Perry Perrott

As we continue to take giant leaps in science, technology, engineering and more, let’s ensure teachers receive the respect they deserve and acknowledge the incredible role they play in our global advancement. After all, learning is a fundamentally human experience.


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