The 2017/18 academic year has begun, which means a whole new cohort of IB Diploma students have joined our global community. We asked Pamoja’s Spanish B teacher and Course Advisor Emilia Carrillo for her top tips for new students, to ensure a happy and successful first year:

“You are in the process of starting out on your online journey with Pamoja. You are all signed up for your course(s) and full of eager expectation, as this is possibly one of your first encounters with the online education world.

“Pamoja online courses are incredibly unique and require dedication, as you are going to be learning a lot of information. The key is to take small steps daily to ensure progress and success. Remember, you are the main driver in this online journey, so you must take control of the wheel at all times! However, never forget that you are not on this journey alone – your teachers, your Site-based Coordinator, and the Pamoja School Services Team are always here to support you.

“To get you off on the right path, here are a few simple steps that will guide you through what you should be doing to succeed with your online Pamoja course(s):”


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Steps to online learning