Hello, Emilie here again. It has been a while since we last posted a blog, because it has been such a busy time for Pamoja! It was expected that halfway through August, when schools open again after the summer holidays, business would start picking up. And it did!

Josh and I moved from School Services to Admissions and worked hard on getting all the registrations in and enrolling students onto their courses. We worked on getting many transfer students enrolled onto the course and sorted to start their catch-up plan. Halfway through October things started to calm down again and Josh and I continued working on transfers and enrolments, but also helped out in School Services. James moved from Technical Support to Technical Development and has been looking at “backend stuff”, so right now he is learning the coding language SQL. James has also been working on ZenDesk reporting, which, simply put, shows how many tickets have come in and how many were solved. Josh is still working in School Services/Admissions. He is working on tickets related to student engagement and working with the School Services Team to create a new engagement tool to monitor student engagement better.

Last week I moved back to HR where I will be doing some work before moving to the Academic team. I have also been helping to organise the Oxford Brookes University Placement Fair. On Monday the interns and Bex, our Talent Manager, went to the fair to represent Pamoja and excite students about the placements Pamoja offers. It was a very successful day and we had a lot of interest. Students especially liked the fact that you can “design” your own placement at Pamoja. You can spend some time in many of the departments, but if you, for example, want to spend more time in Marketing, because that is where your interests lie, then you will! The work environment at Pamoja is also very attractive. The start-up like environment in a well-established business is desirable.

Back in September we moved to a new office. Everyone is now settled in and it is looking very nice! A large open space, large windows, a lot of light and nice white and grey shades which gives the office a clean and chic look. Now it’s time to liven the place up a bit. A lot of the team have already personalised their desks, but I am now working with Marketing to get some of our branding in the office.

In the weeks ahead, Josh and I will be moving to the Academic department. We will be working on multiple projects which include reviewing the academic policies and analysing Pamoja live lesson and post traffic. This will give us a better understanding of how the contracted teachers are managed and how they work. We will also get involved in the projects that pop up. At the end of November Josh and I will then move to the Marketing department and get involved in all the marketing activities that are currently being worked on. James will stay in Technical Development and will be doing research into new ways of reporting within Pamoja. So, we are still keeping busy and very involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Emilie – Pamoja Intern Programme, BA International Business Management Undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University


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