I have a surprising confession to make…I’m a qualified teacher!  With “so what” ringing in my ears, let me explain why this to me feels like my guilty secret. With over 120 teachers in our facility and with an average of eight years IB teaching experience (some with more like 20 years), I wouldn’t begin to compare myself to them.  They really are the experts!  This revelation however does help me to reflect on my own experiences which I hope can ultimately give me a better understanding of your challenges as educators, parents and students – with students at the heartbeat of everything we do! As part of the Business Development team, and together with everyone here at Pamoja, we create opportunities for students that prepare them for the future.

I’m very privileged to have four very special children in my life – each with their own unique skills and passions. One has a very clear picture of where their future lies and the career they want to follow – rightfully confident at a very early stage in the very definite talents she has. The others enjoying and excelling at their hobbies – hoping to follow their hearts in the future, but not quite set in what that future will be. As young adults, I’m sure they may even change their mind. I was of course a teenager once too! That’s where we can help you.

We’re an energetic team who are passionate about helping schools establish learning partnerships so that every student can take the subjects they love, enabling them to reach their full potential and allowing them to own their future.

It would be really great to catch up with you, because we care!


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