Solving all your online course related queries is how we can help you today to impact your tomorrow.

We are the School Services team, and we are here to support you along your journey with Pamoja. Our team, lead by Philippa (aka Pip), includes Carly, Gabriele, Karolina, Shantana and our intern Carine, who is spending a year with us whilst she studies for her Degree in Economics with Politics and International Relations at Oxford Brookes University, UK.

We are passionate about the service we deliver, working in partnership with more than 500 IB World Schools from around the globe and supporting over 3,000 students enrolled on our online IBDP courses.

We deal with a variety of queries every single day that impact students, Site-based Coordinators and our teachers’ day-to-day activities. Every morning, we arrive in the office knowing very little of what the day will bring – each day is different and exciting! This is the fun aspect of working in a knowledge sharing environment like the School Services team.

So, what does our typical day look like? Let’s give you a sneak peak:

  • Managing all inbound phone calls and email queries
  • Supporting Site-based Coordinators to monitor students’ performance, registration and enrolments
  • Supporting transfer students
  • Publishing term reports
  • Supporting schools with exam registrations
  • Supporting students and schools with any technical queries they may have
  • Working closely with our Academic team to administrate and support Pamoja teachers
  • Maintaining internal systems to ensure school details are updated accurately and in a timely manner
  • Working with other departments at Pamoja to deliver excellent customer service

…and occasionally making a cup of tea!

We feel inspired and motivated to share the knowledge we gain when we communicate with schools, students and teachers every day, and we learn from the feedback our customers share. We don’t dwell on the past but rather learn from how we can improve our services today as tomorrow is yet to come!

Gabriele and Carine

School Services team, Pamoja


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