Working amongst a team of diverse and innovative IB teachers, course designers, developers and Pamoja’s in-house support network is a wonderful and unique experience. Each week we face new and exciting challenges, which has meant that the last nine months have flown by for me since I joined Pamoja. Being in a company that exceeds its own expectations is one that I am proud to represent; delivering the IB Diploma Programme worldwide, through the Pamoja Square, is extraordinarily exciting. We are constantly learning about new ways in which the curriculum can be taught and managed within IB World schools across the globe, and know that the Pamoja model can be adapted to fit seamlessly into a school’s structure.

I love being a member of the Business Development Team because we get the opportunity to collaborate with schools with likeminded interests; to engage students in the subjects that they love, and the subjects that they are keen to excel in, in the next stage of their life. Our responsibility to build close relationships with IB schools is important and rewarding; having studied at an IB World school myself, I know the importance of trust, free thinking, and flexibility between student and teachers during the final two years of compulsory school life.

It is fundamental that the students not only have an open and confident relationship with their Pamoja teacher, but that this trust is also extended to the Coordinators in school, our team based in our head office and also to parents. We work together collaboratively to ensure the best quality of support and teaching for students, and to make sure that they are getting the most out of the learning environment and resources we provide.

You will find our small team of four either discussing fresh ideas and sharing updates in our Oxford office, attending the IB Annual Conferences or on Skype, phone or email around the clock. We open the door to all IB World schools and support them in introducing Pamoja classes into their students’ timetables, and we aim to make the process a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Most importantly, I have learnt that combining the primary elements of teaching, exploring free learning, independent research and supervision to ensure consistent student engagement are all achievable and vital to the IB experience. We closely monitor this and will continuously adapt to create the ideal journey for our students, during their IB Diploma and continuing into life after school. Being involved in the first stages of this development is one that I am privileged to be a part of.


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