Read our latest blog-post for students currently studying psychology for the IBDP from Pamoja teacher, Peter Anthony

According to Brian Neese, who wrote an article on the History of Blogging, there are now over 440 million blogs on the major logging platforms of Tumblr, Squarespace and WordPress.

This is an amazing growth since the first blogs were published in the 1990s. Topics range from fashion to food, and from politics to psychology to name but a few.

I want to introduce you to two psychology blogs written by members of the Pamoja IB Psychology Faculty:

  • IB Psychology is written by Travis Dixon and covers all the topics of the IB Psychology Course
  • IB Psych Matters is written by Dan Barazani, and it includes content from the new IB Psychology Course

The two blogs are both excellent, and you are encouraged to visit them often.

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