Hello! My name is Morena. I am 15 years old and starting my year-one learning with Pamoja on IB psychology. I have had four weeks of classes so far, but it has been one of the newest and most comfortable ways of studying.

When I knew I had the opportunity to study psychology, between other choices of subjects, I really doubted what to do. I talked to many of my friends who actually discouraged me from the topic. This is why it took me a while to make my decision.

Finally, I went for it, seeing Pamoja as a challenge for myself and a way to interact differently with my studying techniques.

I believe that studying online is a way to measure how much compromise I put into things, be it a school subject or other events. As well, it is a way to zoom out of my comfort zone and learn about different ways of thinking and understanding from people all over the world.

One of the qualities I enjoy the most about Pamoja is how interactive it is. I like the way that I can do short quizzes to check that my reading comprehension was correct, and the short videos to introduce the topics of the week’s work.

As well I find it really interesting to read my classmate’s comments when I can, and see how they write and develop their assignments.

For example, we had to write once about how we would carry out research based on certain hypotheses, and I found it helpful to see the different ways to develop research, and which characteristics of the development of research other people have presented.

It is a very efficient way of debating, and to be honest, not even in my classes in schools do we do that after a lecture.

So far, Pamoja has made a great first impression, and I am looking forward to keeping studying and learning IB psychology with Pamoja!

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