Hello, welcome to our first Intern blog! This is for you to learn more about your new Pamoja Interns.

I’m Amiee, the Marketing Intern here at Pamoja! I’m originally from Hampshire and currently living in Oxford, studying Business and Marketing Management at Oxford Brookes University. I’ve always had an interest in marketing and I knew that completing a placement would be the best way to gain practical experience and apply the theory I’ve learned to the real world. When looking for a placement, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere that would allow me to soak up lots of information and learn about all areas of marketing, to figure out what I enjoy the most. This role stood out to me as it was so broad, and when I came in for my interview I could tell the office had a friendly and open atmosphere. Us interns are coming to the end of our first month and it’s been great! Everyone has been so welcoming and I have already learned so much and been given lots of responsibility. My most important responsibility, of course, is head gardener whilst Karolina is away, which I will be taking very seriously. This year, I’m most looking forward to becoming more confident in my role and not having to ask poor Emeline so many questions, particularly in the area of mail merging (I know she doesn’t mind really). I know I’m going to face challenges – waking up early for the first week was a struggle – and my organisational skills are going to be tested, but I look forward to overcoming them and growing within the marketing team. Thanks to Emeline, Leonie and Sophie for helping me settle in.

I am Freddy! I am the Technical Development Intern here at Pamoja. I’m originally from India and have been in England for four years. During this time, I’ve completed my undergrad in Computing and am currently pursuing my masters in Information Systems Management at De Montfort University, Leicester. The top-notch thing here at Pamoja is that everyone is so welcoming as well as friendly and the work atmosphere is amazing. The highlight was the summer party we had in a cruise boat in our second week! During the party, I got to know my colleagues and enjoyed it with good company, drinks, and dancing. I showed off some pole dancing skills and Les rivalled me with his breakdancing moves. Plus, being a dog lover, dog Fridays are a major bonus! My first week as an intern, I had a lot of inductions to understand how the company works. From the second week onwards, I started working on Zendesk software, solving tickets requested from our customers as well as internal staff. I worked closely with School Services to create Zendesk reports which is useful when it comes to needing important information. This role gives me lots of responsibilities with a sense of ownership and I’m loving it! There is a great team here and I’d like to give a massive shout out to Les, Sanjiv, Bill and Dan for supporting me. Lastly, thanks a lot to the Pamoja team for giving me this experience.

I’m Megan. I’m Welsh and originally from a village on the outskirts of Cardiff…may I just add, no I don’t have sheep for pets and nor do I live with them. I’ve lived in Oxford for the past two years whilst studying my degree in Business Management at Oxford Brookes University. It’s great to study such a broad degree as you get an insight of how each sector of a company works. For my first three weeks, I worked within School Services, learning all the ways of customer services within an educational company. I also had the responsibility of my own transfer students and worked my way through the process. However, whilst the lovely ladies of School Services are quiet with tickets, I have moved over to Marketing to be an extra pair of hands for a couple of weeks I also think Carine and Amy need a break from my endless questions and looks of confusion. I’d like to mention the lovely and very patient ladies in Marketing for making me feel very welcome and keeping me busy. You impress me every day, the amount of work you are given and you never complain. The biggest learning curve so far would be sorting out all the November exam session packages, not realising that something that looked so easy could turn into a sweaty afternoon in the post office. As my dad said, it’s just ‘character building’. Lastly, another essential thing I have learnt:  Apparently, Mauritius does exist and isn’t pronounced how I thought it was (Just ask Sandie and Jess).

I’m Lily, and I am the new Business Management Intern at Pamoja! I’m originally from Essex and am now living in Oxford for 12 months. If you fancy learning some Essex slang, I’m your girl. (Although, Kiran wishes he was from Essex, so he may be able to help too). I am studying Business Management and Human Resources at Nottingham Trent University. Although studying HR at university, I applied for Pamoja, firstly to gain experience in numerous departments and secondly, to gain valuable skills that will subsequently assist me in my future. When applying for a placement, I was also determined to find a business that would allow me to apply the theory and skills I have learnt at university, a friendly working environment, and a business that would challenge me throughout the year. Being here a month, I have come to realise that Pamoja does exactly that! Having an office atmosphere where I can go to any member of staff about any question or problem I may have is great! On that note, I would like to thank Amy and Carine for teaching me the ropes and answering endless questions about enrolments and transfers, you have been very patient and amazing! Role on the busy period! Coming to the end of my first month I can say it has been wonderful! Not only has everyone been so friendly, but I have been given a considerable amount of responsibility, which I believe will boost my confidence. I am excited for what the future at Pamoja holds!


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