Hello again,

As interns we want to make an impression during our time here at Pamoja. With this in mind, we have decided to start our own legacy which we hope will be passed on to the next set of interns, this will be an ‘Intern charity’. We have decided to continue to support One-Eighty, increasing the fundraising activity that has already been started by Pamoja. We want to raise money throughout the year by carrying out small fundraising events every month starting in September, building up to a big fundraiser at the end of our placement year.

About One-Eighty:

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One-Eighty is an intensive psychological behavior foundation that offers support to children, teenagers, their families and educational professionals around them. Ultimately, One-Eighty exists to encourage and engage children and young people with an effective learning experience by working with them and their families on behaviors or needs that prevent learning.

One-Eighty works with young individuals with complex needs and challenging behaviors often caused by traumatic past events or ongoing issues. The behaviors that manifest often prevent these children from attending mainstream school. They regularly train school staff and implement clinical supervision for those working with young individuals; subsequently reintegrating them back into mainstream education.

For more information on One-Eighty please visit their website, and to see how their work can help children and their families, watch this video.

How will Pamoja help?

We will be organising monthly fundraising events to raise money for One-Eighty, ranging from cake sales to fancy dress days. We will also be organising a big event in June 2019 to raise as much money as possible for this inspiring charity. We value everyone’s ideas regarding fundraising events, so please come and talk to us interns to see if we can make it happen!

Along with fundraising for One-Eighty, we will also be supporting different charities at specific times of the year that highlight great causes and issues. For example, National Mental Health Awareness Week brings more awareness to an issue that affects people all over the world. We would really like to get everyone involved with this as we think it would be a great way to bring everyone together to support a great cause, and hopefully the next interns can choose a charity of their own to raise funds for next year.

If you know of any awareness days that mean something to you, please let us know and we can organise a fundraising event.

Remember: “A donation today makes a difference tomorrow”

From your interns,

Amiee, Megan, Lily and Freddy


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