The brain is far from ‘static’ as research has shown that complex neural networks can be modified and changed in a process known as neuroplasticity.  This process is of particular significance in young children during their early brain development. The very rapid development of new neural networks is essential early in life as a considerable period of learning occurs at this stage. Just as important is neural pruning as some neural pathways in the brain are no longer be needed. Modern research has shown that during adolescence another extensive period of pruning occurs. This article The Teen Brain explains changes in physiology that are still underway into the teenage years account for dramatic changes in teen behavior.

To gain insights into the tremendous physiological changes that are underway inside your brain you might like to research this fascinating topic further.  PBS has an excellent resource, Inside the Teenage Brain and Psychology Today has also published a fascinating article by Daniel R. Hawes, The Adolescent Brain: (Awkward) Window of Opportunity.


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