The IA in IB Psychology provides you with the opportunity to investigate a psychology theory or model of human behaviour. As well as researching and writing about a particular theory or model, you are required to undertake an exploration of this theory or model by collaborating with other students to conduct a simple replication of a published study.

Your first task is to decide on the theory or model to investigate. Then you need to decide on a suitable study to replicate,

The hyperlinks below are all of the original experiments, which saves you a lot of time.   The original studies can be hard to read, so focus on the abstract, the introduction, the results and the discussion.

Researchers often include several experiments or trials in the one report. You need to focus on just one experiment.  In deciding whether a study is suitable for your investigation of a theory or model, ensure that you will manipulate one independent variable that has two conditions, that your experiment will produce two sets of either interval or ratio data and that you will be able to depict your results in a simple bar graph.

Schema Theory Studies that investigate reconstructive memory theory and schema theory

Reconstructive Memory

Dual Processing Model of Thinking and Decision-making

Models of memory

Mood and Arousal

Interference Theory