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The first topic area of the Biological Approach to understanding behaviour investigate the relationship between the brain and behaviour. The IB Psychology Guide recommends that you study one technique used to correlate the brain with behaviour. You could focus on one of the following:  fMRI, MRI, EEG, CAT, and PET.

As well as knowing how a particular technique works, you need to be able to describe why that technique was used to answer the investigator’s research question. You will find that the choice of techniques was based on a variety of factors including opportunity, available technology and cost as well as the strengths and limitations to the different methods used.

Relevant research studies

Both Maguire (2000) and Draganski et al. (2004) used the MRI, and either study would be ideal for an SAQ on the topic. For an ERQ, you would need to write about both studies.

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