My name is Frank, I teach at Lincoln Community School and I work as assistant student support – we help students out with various subjects but my role is within the sciences and math. I am also in charge of the Pamoja online courses, working as the Site-based Coordinator (SBC) to provide the link between the teachers in the platform and the students here in my school.

At Lincoln Community School we’ve used Pamoja Taught courses for some time, so that we can offer more Diploma subjects to our students. For example, we don’t have teachers for Psychology and Business Management, and so if any students opt for these courses we refer them to Pamoja.

This year is my first year working as the SBC and so far, so good! There have been a few ups and downs, but the Pamoja School Services Team are very good and have come to my aid very quickly when I’ve sent in requests.

Feedback from our students is also always good, although it can take them a bit of time to adjust. With online learning, the students have to manage their own time, and sometimes they find this tricky at the beginning. However, they learn quickly how to balance their work to meet the deadlines, and I’m here to support them to ensure they succeed. For example, the year 11s are new and so they struggle a bit, but after a month or two they are completely relaxed and know exactly what to do.


Frank Mensah

Lincoln Community School, Ghana


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