Hello! My name is Nur and I am from Turkey. First of all, I’m an IBDP Business Management Year 1 HL student and as IB informed us our exams on April-May for Year 1 and Year 2 students are cancelled for the sake of our health. I’m aware that everyone is dismayed but let’s not lower the motivation.

Due to the virus outbreak and school holidays around the globe, all of us are having trouble to fulfil our leisure time. Throughout this post, I will try to give some advice in order to spend our time wisely.

Now that exams are no longer going to take place, I can guess that everyone is loosened up but this break can be used wisely to hit the books. The absence of exams shouldn’t affect us at all because Pamoja courses are right on track.

Firstly, my advice would be to prepare a list of topics in the course and examine your weaknesses and strengths. Find a good method to revise your course content.

For example, I always study and take notes from the book on my laptop (because hand-writing takes a lot of time), then read the content on Pamoja. By the way, don’t forget to read the resources in every lesson, they are very paramount!

Once you start studying a lesson, consider watching live lessons on Pamoja too because the teachers summarise everything you need to know and demonstrate knowledge for specific past paper questions.

Furthermore, every course has an essay section on exam papers. I know it’s very challenging for some of us but as Leonardo da Vinci indicates;

“He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.”

In this case, students have to search the structure of the essays and read abundance of articles, magazines, news, etc regarding the courses.

In order to motivate yourself, acknowledge your resistance and difficult feelings with motivation in which it may be helpful to write these feelings or thoughts down and leave these on the side so you can focus and study.

In addition to this, visualise yourself starting, you may want to take things slow on holiday but you will still take off! Furthermore, communication and socialising with peers in this period can help you distract yourself from the news and commit with inexperienced goals through your peers’ points of view and tips.

During the break, don’t forget to read books and clear your mind through music, art, sports and other creative activities.

I’d recommend every course student to watch a documentary. Recently, I’ve started to watch a documentary about financial situations of US companies and I have learnt several things regarding my BM course too.

I hope every student can spend this deplorable time effectively for the Pamoja courses. Stay Safe!

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