Hello! My name is Masa and I have started studying Spanish online with Pamoja this year.

Even though I have been studying online for a small period of time, I have learned some useful tips & tricks, which can ameliorate the learning experience, and help boost your grades, as well as help in developing a strong work-ethic. I look forward to sharing them, in order to motivate and help other online classmates.

Tip 1 – Write notes!

Even though Pamoja offers great lessons, with thorough explanations which are always available to students, scientific research has proven that the most effective method of memorising the content is by hand writing the notes.

I found it most useful to write notes in my notebook, and organise each week into one “chapter” of my notebook. When making notes, do not copy the entire lessons; instead, write key terms, concepts, information… as if you were summarising the online lesson.

By structuring your notebook by Chapter per week principle, you will have another available resource, that will be a valuable revision tool before an examination.

Tip 2: Treat it as a regular subject!

It is important not to do one week’s work in one day. By doing that, you will not develop a habit of checking the online course, and it will be more likely for you to miss a deadline.

Instead, assign some time each day, to work on the course. Develop a schedule, and each day make sure to spend some time on doing work. If it is 15 minutes a day, it is what it is! But consistency will help you develop a working habit, and further enhance your knowledge and memorisation of the content.

Tip 3: Talk with your classmates!

As with regular school subjects, in an online course you also have classmates. Make sure to connect with them! It is important to know that you are not the only one experiencing something.

You can rant about a bad grade, strict professor, or brag about recent test scores, with people who are sharing the same experience. Therefore, they can give you some valuable opinions and advice on the topics.

Tip 4: Stay in touch with the teacher!

Do not be scared to contact and reach out to your teacher if you need assistance or additional clarification of a topic. You can also ask for extra material to practice and do work!

Pamoja teachers are very friendly and kind, and they are always more than happy to help you out. You are not alone when taking an online course! Use your teachers and classmates to reach a better understanding of the topics covered.

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