We are excited to announce that ManageBac has recently joined forces with Pamoja, the sole provider of online IB Diploma Programme courses!

The Pamoja Lesson Suite builds on Pamoja’s ten years of IB online learning experience and provides a complete IB Diploma curriculum spanning over 40+ subjects built for online, asynchronous learning & teaching.

Pamoja Lesson Suite has been designed to comprehensively support your IB Diploma teachers with a turnkey curriculum including units, lessons and assessments.

With seamless ManageBac integration, we hope you will consider it as part of your COVID-19 Remote Learning Plan.

What is Pamoja Lesson Suite?
Pamoja Lesson Suite provides IB Diploma teachers with a range of tailor-made resources to use in their classroom, including course content broken down into lessons, student assessment and monitoring tools.

ManageBac users will be able to use Pamoja’s online learning solutions to provide IB Diploma teachers and students around the world with an improved streamlined experience.

Pamoja Lesson Suite: Now Available on ManageBac!

Pamoja Lesson Suite Integrates with ManageBac
As a ManageBac user, you will be able to seamlessly add Pamoja Lesson Suite units, lessons and resources into your ManageBac classes via the Global Resources Bank. You can deliver the units and lessons as you like, or adapt and customize to suit your teaching and learning needs.

Pamoja Lesson Suite Integrates with ManageBac

Overcome Challenges Raised by COVID-19
The integration of Pamoja Lesson Suite with ManageBac offers the flexibility you’ll need to quickly find a solution to unforeseen circumstances. Access to ready-to-use IB-authorised content across over 20 Diploma subjects means teachers who may not be as experienced in specific subjects can easily step in when needed. ManageBac features such as Zoom online lessons and presentation mode also provide built-in remote teaching and learning options.

New Bundled Services
Starting this year Pamoja Lesson Suite will be offered with all ManageBac subscriptions for the IB Diploma, with the option to add additional services such as AssessPrep for exams and SMARTPREP for revision, all at a new bundled price. If you’re interested in hearing more about how your school can take advantage of this deal, click on the button below to get in touch.

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*There is an additional fee for companion eTextbooks in Mathematics or Economics.

We look forward to continuing to support your school with all the tools you need to run a successful IB Diploma Programme.

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