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Our Pamoja Scholar, Roby Platt, from North Broward Preparatory School discusses his experience with blended learning through the Pamoja platform at his school in Florida, US.

What class are you taking right now on Pamoja?

I’m studying IB Business and Management, because I wanted to pursue the passion I have for the hospitality industry. Pamoja allows me the opportunity to accumulate what my school offers me along with additional background. It all creates a great holistic experience for me as an internationally minded student.

What’s your typical day like as a Pamoja scholar?

I arrive at school around 7.30 and I am part of the welcoming committee, so I stand on the side of the car line and say hello to everyone and greet people to make sure that people are having a great day. Then I go through my seven classes, and one of my periods is an open study period which I can use for any of my classes but I choose use it to work on the Pamoja platform and communicate with my site base coordinator.

What kind of benefits have you found using the Pamoja platform?

Pamoja is a really versatile platform. It allows me to study wherever I am. I found it really easy that I can go skiing and still be able to keep up with my studies, without falling behind. It’s really a unique way of learning, and it’s changed the way I look at being a student. I feel like I’ve had to learn more about my time management and about how to be an independent learner, which is great preparation for university.

Would you recommend using Pamoja to your friends?

I would 100%. I think Pamoja requires the right type of student. You have to be ready to take initiative for your studies, but if you have that desire to study and learn and acquire a wealth of knowledge in a subject that you’re passionate about, I think Pamoja is an excellent tool for anybody willing to do just that.

What are you looking forward to coming up in your class specifically?

I am really excited to continue learning about Marketing and the ability the class gives me to choose companies that I really enjoy, like Norwegian Cruise Line. I get to choose a business organisation that I’m passionate about and relate it to the list of the skills I’ve learned on the course. The course has really helped me connect to my entrepreneurial studies programme that I am doing at my school. It is a three year programme that builds hands on skills, while the Pamoja course has really given me the background necessary to combine the two together to give my education a foundation for university.

Roby also mentioned that his chickens are eating a lot and they’re doing great.

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