With our first three months completed here at Pamoja, we have reflected on our time so far.

Meg’s time in Marketing

Whilst the lovely ladies in School Services were quiet, I had the opportunity to spend some time working with the Marketing team. From ordering new merchandise to lots of spreadsheet work, I experienced a range of responsibility. I can most definitely confirm that spreadsheets do cause brain fry!

I could say this about every department in Pamoja, but for such a small team, it is amazing how much work the ladies receive. Their great attention to detail is inspiring without a complaint even being considered. It’s so nice to see how strong this team is, ensuring the company is marketed perfectly.

I instantly felt part of the team and learnt a huge amount in such a short space of time. I was fortunate to be given projects to work on independently. The patience and gratitude of the ladies is always expressed between one other.

I really enjoyed learning the process of how we market to our customers; it’s not just sending a few emails, that’s for sure. Whilst putting the November session packages together, I saw how much work goes into designing our leaflets and brochures to promote Pamoja.

I look forward to going back to Marketing in October and being exposed to even more.

Lily’s time in HR

During my two weeks in HR, I was fortunate to gain an array of responsibility. I worked closely with Bex and Becca to ensure that Pamoja complies with GDPR, and on the data upload for the new HR system, Cezanne! Working on this demonstrated how much hard work, determination and time goes into each project.

I also worked alongside Jess on a multitude of tasks ranging from implementing the Office Environmental Survey to taking charge of creating and putting into effect a new IT Guidance Document supporting the Tech team and the ‘do not disturb’ signs. I had real-life exposure to HR, separate from the university books and lectures! In a short space of time, I felt that I was a valued member of the team and I look forward to returning soon!

Back in School Services:

Firstly, we spent some time making some nicknames for The Lavish Ladies of School Services:

  • Pip: Mother of the team
  • Karolina: Term reports master
  • Mitra: School Taught expert
  • Hannah: SBC and Zoom Specialist
  • Sophie: The go to gal for all things School Services
  • Amy: Queen of Salesforce and Admissions
  • Carine: The Transfers guru

Now we’re back in School Services, we have fitted straight back in. Every day we are learning something new and adapting back to the way School Services approach situations with our customers. It is inspiring to see how much commitment and hard work these ladies put in every day to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products.

With our return, we were given a variety of responsibilities. First thing in the morning, we approve and process all the course requests that come in overnight. It has been a valuable experience watching the enrolment numbers continue to rise and we are glad we could be part of this process.

Then it’s onto updating our tickets, ranging from logging in problems to dealing with our transfer requests, sometimes including the dreaded ‘transfer students not approved’ email. It has been very surprising how much we do remember from our first few weeks in the company.

It was lovely to end the busy period with an enjoyable meal filled with laughs and good memories!

Thank you to the School Services Team for your continued support, it has been a blast!


Thank you all for reading,

Your Business Management Interns

Megan and Lily


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