Examinations are challenging, and the more prepared you can be the better. This post will provide answers to FAQs from students about IB Psychology External Assessment.

Short Answer Questions

Do I need to structure my answer?

  • While there is no prescribed structure for your response (unlike the ERQ), you do need to be fully focused. A brief opening paragraph responding to the question helps to show you are focused. At the end of your response, a short paragraph linking the study you have written about to the question also helps demonstrate that you are entirely focused.

How many studies should I use in an SAQ response?

  • You need to demonstrate your understanding of research so at least one study. The question often asks you to write about one study.

If the SAQ asks about one study or one concept, can I write about two to get a higher score?

  • No, you will not gain any extra marks. You will only score for the first study or concept.

Extended Response Questions

How many studies should I have in my ERQ?

  • There are no rules but have at least two. Have a mix of classic and modern studies.

What the best way to show I understand research?

  • Describe the study accurately and link it to your argument.

Do I always need an argument or thesis?

  • Yes. An argument means you are doing more than just describing studies. An argument shows you are thinking critically. An argument shows you understand the issues.

Do I need to evaluate studies and discuss ethics in an ERQ?

  • Yes. Always evaluate and discuss ethics if asked.