Working on a group project with your classmates at Pamoja is challenging. In this post, the characteristics of effective groups will be identified and some tips given about how to work as a group in an online environment.

Characteristics of Effective Groups

  • The atmosphere tends to be informal, comfortable, and relaxed
  • During discussions everyone participates, and the discussion remains relevant to the task of the group
  • The task or objective is well understood and accepted by all group members
  • The members listen to each other. Every idea is given a fair hearing
  • Criticism and questioning are frequent, frank, and constructive. There is little evidence of personal attack
  • Each member accepts responsibility for whatever specific tasks has been assigned

Tips of for Online Groups

  • As group members operate in different time zones, everyone needs to check the group discussion forum each day
  • Your first priority is to break down the assignment into individual tasks. Make sure they are manageable and require the same amount of work
  • Volunteer to complete a task but do not wait for everyone in the group to agree to this. Start work and if someone else wanted to do that task then work as a small team to complete it
  • Allow time for the whole group to review and refine the finished product once all the individual members have contributed their part. Criticism should be frank and constructive


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