My name is Lauryn, I am a senior in high school and I currently take Mandarin ab initio with Pamoja. Mandarin is the third class I’ve taken online, and my first through Pamoja. Through trial and error, I have a few tips and tricks for fellow Pamoja students:

1. Give your online class as much time (if not more) than your in-person courses
With an online class, it may seem easy to delay assignments, but an online class requires plenty of intrinsic motivation.

2. Stay engaged
Don’t just gloss over the course content, engage with it. Talk to your classmates on the discussion board. Find a method of note taking that works for you.

3. Find a friend
Whether through the course, online, or in your community, try to find someone that knows a lot about your course and ask them to help you.

4. Ask for help
While you may feel like you’re constantly nagging your teacher for help, you are not. Your teacher wants you to reach out and ask questions. Just like teachers in your school, they want you to succeed. Likewise, if you are struggling to keep up with your coursework, ask for an extension. An extension can provide the time you need to understand a topic or complete an assignment.

5. Find what works for you
Maybe the format of your online course is confusing, or not what you are used to. Look at how you take notes for other classes, and model it after that. Or, try something new – flashcards, writing drills, online quizzes – something will work.

Hope this helps!

Lauryn, student at Gar-Field Senior High School, USA



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