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As the first and only IB approved course provider we have spent over 10 years perfecting the development and delivery of high quality IB DP online courses. To-date, over 20,000 students have benefitted from a Pamoja Online Course experience!








Pass Rate*

*Refers to our May 2022 exam session

We provide schools with solutions that enable them to make a broader range of subjects available to students. We are able to support subjects with poor viability due to low student interest; subjects that create timetable challenges and subjects where schools simply wish to offer an online option alongside a subject they may already teach face-to-face. In summary, we enable schools to broaden student subject choice by directly addressing the challenges and opportunities many schools are presented with; both in planned and unplanned circumstances.

We recognise that success beyond school depends on more than just academics. With a combination of dedicated online course content and resources, teacher directed online lessons, one-to-one sessions and collaborative projects, our students have opportunities to develop their self-management and interpersonal skills as they prepare to transition into early adulthood.

Our Community

Hear from our schools and Site-based Coordinators on how Pamoja has made a lasting impact.

Hear from students, past and present, on their Pamoja experience and how our Online Courses have contributed to their lives beyond the classroom.

Academic Success

Proven success since 2010.

With a 1,511 strong cohort, the Class of May 2022 achieved an average IB grade of 5.23, exceeding the IB world average. Given the non-selective admissions process Pamoja utilises, these results are outstanding. Grade predictions made by our highly experienced faculty were within 0.04 of a grade when compared with IB issued final grades. This proximity demonstrates just how well our teachers know our students.


Pass rate


of students received an IB Grade 5 or higher


of students received an IB Grade 6 or 7


The average difference between our Predicted Grades and the average awarded IB Grade

Our Teachers

Academic success starts with great teachers.

Our teachers are experienced IB Diploma educators, and with over 43% of our teachers joining Pamoja 5+ years ago, they are truly passionate about online and blended learning. Skilled in online learning methodologies, our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and countries, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to our online classrooms.

Want to explore a world of free resources, events & webinars, case studies, and more?

Admissions Process

Ready to register your students? Follow our 6 simple steps.

Simple Integration

Making online learning accessible.

Seamlessly integrated with ManageBac, Pamoja Site-based Coordinators can easily monitor and report on Pamoja students’ progress, grades, and engagement.

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Pamoja Lesson Suite

Curriculum-aligned, IB-approved Pamoja Online Courses content, available for your teachers.

INCLUDED IN PASSPORT60. PassportLearn More
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Our Support

At your side throughout your entire Pamoja journey.

Our Safeguarding Team

Keeping students safe.

The Safeguarding Team work together to help protect all students taking a Pamoja Online Course. This includes providing advice, support & training to our staff, and working in partnership with schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our top 3 FAQs

What is Pamoja’s relationship with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization?

We are the sole online IB Diploma Programme course provider approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Is it possible to register a student for Year 1 or Year 2 only?

Yes, students are registered on an annual basis. It is possible to register a student for Year 1 and then they can continue Year 2 in person at their school. It is also possible to register a student for Year 2 of a course after they have completed Year 1 elsewhere. Please note that a transfer fee may apply when registering a student for Year 2 only. Learn more about our Admissions Process.

I am a parent; how can I sign my child up for an Pamoja Online Course?

You will find a full list of Pamoja Online Courses here. If your student has a ManageBac account, they can register for a Pamoja Online Course via their Plan Worksheet, however we recommend speaking to your child’s Diploma Coordinator at their school first. As the Diploma Coordinator will need to approve their registration before we can officially enrol your child onto a Pamoja Online Course.

Any more questions?



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