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Meet our scholars!

Blog, Student posts, Student advice | July 5, 2019
Our Scholarship Programme provides outstanding prospective IB Diploma Programme students with the opportunity to take their subject of interest as a Pamoja Taught course. Prospective scholars go through a two-stage process involving a written application form and a...

Six strategies for effective learning

Blog, Student advice | May 10, 2019
What does effective learning look like? The Learning Scientists are a group of researchers, many of whom are psychologists, interested in making scientific research around learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other educators. They have produced a range...

Tips on excelling in your online class

Blog, Student posts, Student advice | February 4, 2019
Are you new to Pamoja? Never taken an online course before? Has the stress of the IB got to you? You’re reading the right article! Pamoja’s virtual campus presents IB students from around the world with a unique, user friendly and revolutionary platform to take...