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Meet our teachers: Deborah Sutherland

Our people, Blog | November 25, 2019
Please tell us about yourself My name is Deborah Sutherland and I grew up in New York City where I was lucky enough to get my film education at my parents’ movie theatres. I worked in the film business for many years before becoming an advertising copywriter, which I...

The IB Psychology Subject Report – May 2019

Psychology, Our people, Blog | November 1, 2019
Each year, following the May and November examination sessions, the IB publishes a subject report. This report provides the grade boundaries for all components of the course, as well as a review of candidate performance on each examination question. It also provides...

Psychology blog: The need for personal space

Our people, Blog, Psychology | October 29, 2019
Psychologists, especially those taking a sociocultural approach, have investigated social and cultural differences in interpersonal space. Four categories of personal space have been identified: public, social, personal, and intimate. Hall (1966) argues that cultural...

Teacher retention: problem or progress?

Opinion, Our people, Blog | October 4, 2019
Teacher retention has been a focus for educational bodies and news reporters for some time. It’s a global issue, with the same story seen around the world: class sizes have grown (and continue to do so). Paperwork and marking are increasing. Lastly, the...