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Teacher retention: problem or progress?

Opinion, Our people, Blog | October 4, 2019
Teacher retention has been a focus for educational bodies and news reporters for some time. It’s a global issue, with the same story seen around the world: class sizes have grown (and continue to do so). Paperwork and marking are increasing. Lastly, the...

Can you learn a language online?

Thought, Opinion, Blog, Pamoja Taught | March 5, 2019
Despite the exponential growth of online methodologies in all areas of society, education remains daunted by the prospect of trusting online ways of working, at least as the primary means of delivering education. This is particularly the case in areas of what is...

Promoting Multilingualism in the IB Diploma Programme

Thought, Opinion, Blog | February 25, 2019
The International Baccalaureate (IB) states its mission as being “more than its educational programs and certificates,” [1] going on to show that this is part of its desire to “create a better world through education”[2]. Significantly it locates the realisation of...